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Recent Entries 
27th-Oct-2007 11:44 am - blah.
hm, so a recap on things that have happened in my liife recently~
i went to oni con in houston, it was awesome.
i got to see RENTRER EN SOI perform (even tho i don't rly like them..>>;)
they were cool and all but this guy next to me was headbanging rly friggin hard and swinging his arm back and forth
like a stupid head. and i almost got elbowed in the face like 43907 times -_-
anyway, didnt get to sell anything because the table we paid for was claimed by someone else. boo.
i didn't really want to waste any of my money on overpriced anime crap so i got a sword and a cali gari cd :]
i didnt cosplay D8 maybe next con. maybe.

the lady at the store i work at called me slow xD; not mentally slow *cough* but um, physically i guess @-@
says im not bagging/pushing baskets fast enough. im not gonna be running around like i love my job for 8 hrs straight
if she has a problem with my speed she should fire me, idrc >>;
her: you should drink a red bull before you come to work HEHEHEHHE.
me: yaaa...*coughglikeicanaffordoneeverydaybeforeicometoworkespeciallywiththeamountimgettingpaidcough*
byee! :3
6th-Oct-2007 09:28 pm - AAAHHH
I'm a noob with this whole livejournal thing... @~@;;

so, hmm..what to write about... OH, I GOT A JOB :O
and i start TOMORROW D8

im happy, though b/c i will have plenty of money to blow on various musical discs I've been eyeballing
for a VERY long time 8DD
*cant wait for paycheck #1*

Also, I've updated my deviantart with some jinkaku radio and shinjuku gewalt fanart if anyone is interested :]
I'm growing fond of working with ink.

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