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27th-Oct-2007 11:44 am
hm, so a recap on things that have happened in my liife recently~
i went to oni con in houston, it was awesome.
i got to see RENTRER EN SOI perform (even tho i don't rly like them..>>;)
they were cool and all but this guy next to me was headbanging rly friggin hard and swinging his arm back and forth
like a stupid head. and i almost got elbowed in the face like 43907 times -_-
anyway, didnt get to sell anything because the table we paid for was claimed by someone else. boo.
i didn't really want to waste any of my money on overpriced anime crap so i got a sword and a cali gari cd :]
i didnt cosplay D8 maybe next con. maybe.

the lady at the store i work at called me slow xD; not mentally slow *cough* but um, physically i guess @-@
says im not bagging/pushing baskets fast enough. im not gonna be running around like i love my job for 8 hrs straight
if she has a problem with my speed she should fire me, idrc >>;
her: you should drink a red bull before you come to work HEHEHEHHE.
me: yaaa...*coughglikeicanaffordoneeverydaybeforeicometoworkespeciallywiththeamountimgettingpaidcough*
byee! :3
27th-Oct-2007 06:27 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, I guess I passed a long the amazing 'boo'. xD; I got it from Nine though... boo. D:
Anyway, I didn't think you could headbang to RES.... I guess I was wrong, but then again, a lot of people will try to headbag to anything. u.u;; I know your pain though... I almost got hit in the face @ a Junior Senior live and I was in the pit for Family Values... which no one mentioned to me until the day before we left. That was fun. No anxiety medication and it was first time in a pit... at a family values concert. I honestly thought I was going to DIE. I had two anxiety attacks... eeeeeeeh.

BUT in any case, you shoudl totally cosplay for the new con. I thought cosplaying was EEEEEEEEEEEh, until I did it and now I'm kinda like... obsessed. =x But pffffft, who wouldn't want to cosplay Toda? D:

Herm, that wasn't nice of her. Bagging for 8 hours must be shit. I was fortunate to get a job @ a family owned business and I really don't want to find a corporate job again. D: It's just so much nicer working for family owned. But yea, I use to work @ a fast food place and for Old Navy so I know your pain... I'd rather bag than be a cashier though. D:
You should tell her that caffeine is a drug and that it is EVIL! D: But don't listen to me. I was addicted to caffeine for four years and it really fucked up my body. =x

27th-Oct-2007 08:49 pm (UTC)
wow i didnt know a concert from a band like junior senior could be dangerous D8
and i probably will cosplay 8D itll be someone from muchi/gewalt/floppy o'course :3

everyday i ask why i couldnt have been born into a family business. -.-;
and caffeine has like no effect on me D8 im just a rly laid back kind of person and i rarely feel energized, even after a huge cup of coffee or something
27th-Oct-2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
People call me slow all the time Dx But it's the truth so I don't really care.
But if it was me, I'd do things even slower! D:
And gee, baggin and pushing baskets for 8 hours. I think I died a little reading that. It must be HORRIBLE. ;_;
27th-Oct-2007 08:50 pm (UTC)
yeah i was nodding when she said that cos i agreed xD the others are so much faster its annoying D8 its like why are you working so hard, your pay is shit.
IT IS HORRIBLE. my feets always hurt. D':
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